You Are Loved

Do you know that you are precious to God?  Do you know that He LOVES YOU?

GOD DOES LOVE YOU!  He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. 

When did He do this – while you are still a sinner.  We did not earn this love, we can do nothing to deserve it.  God did it! 

He loves you so much that HE provided a way for you!  Jesus paid the debt for YOUR sin – by dieing on the cross.

We are so precious to God!  He loves us so much that He wanted to fix this broken relationship with us.

Have you trusted this truth – that Jesus died for your sin – so that you can know God?  You can be forgiven of your sins.  You can know God’s great love for you.  Just believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sin. 

He is God’s Son – who loved you so much that He was willing to die on the cross for you.  But He did not stay dead – He rose from the dead and is now in heaven preparing a place for us – so that we can live forever with HIM!

I praise God for His great love!!!

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