Nothing IS Impossible with God

This morning in my quiet time – I have been studying the names of God, this mornings was about Jehovah Jirah – My God will supply.  I was wondering how God was going to show Himself today.  Wow I could not have imagined what would happen as the morning progressed.

So I come downstairs and start my morning – checking my computer, reading emails etc and getting ready to start school.  Well around 10 am, I get this phone call from my best friend – she had some interesting news to tell me.  Last night, we were talking about my daughter’s best friend – we had not seen or heard from her and there might be something going on that we don’t understand – none of us know – but it sounds weird.  You see, my daughter’s 19y friend has lung cancer.  Everyone is astounded at how SHE could have cancer – there is no exposure to anything that should have caused it….

So my friend’s call was about this young lady.  Over the weekend, she was having problems breathing etc, so she went to the hospital – to find out that the cancer was now stage 4 – she now had large masses of cancer in both lungs as well as the outside.  The cancer had been shrinking – responding well to chemo.  But NOW all of a sudden – they were only giving her 2-4 months to live if she only did the chemo.  So they were preparing to take her to Texas to the best Chemo treatment center.

This morning she went to go get a PET scan (for the trip) and the cancer was virtually gone.  There is only a tiny bit left that should be cleared up within 2 weeks with Chemo.  GOD healed her body – it was there yesterday – it is gone today.  Needless to say – we all have had a hard time concentrating today – GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!

Today, as little things / itty bitty trials would come up, I would think – “oh this is difficult”…. then I would remember how GOD worked in such a wondrous way this morning.  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.  No matter what happens in my life – I am so THANKFUL that GOD KNOWS and CARES!!!  I am thankful that nothing is bigger than HIM!!!


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