Life Is So Busy

Well I just finished updating our family website!  I am really excited about the new look and I hope you find it easier too!  It has been a long while since I have done anything with this site.  I am hoping to keep up with it better now, I have lots of ideas that I would like to share with you.

This past weekend, ALL of our kids were home to celebrate our youngest son’s graduation birthday.  We also celebrated his older brother’s graduation, since we could not get everyone together at the same time.  He joked last year about having it with his brother, since we couldn\’t get everyone together….  So we did. Having to feed 16 people for the weekend was interesting since I was not feeling well (mild food-poisoning).  But it went remarkably well.  I think God was trying to teach me again, that everything does not need to be perfect and that I can rely on the kids to help pick up the slack.

It was a great weekend watching the kids interact with each other… plus we had our 3yr old granddaughter here the whole weekend!  It was great for her uncles that don\’t get to see her as much, to be able to play with her the whole weekend.  Plus it was nice for our daughter and SIL to get away for their anniversary!  We so enjoy having her with us anytime!

It is amazing watching the dynamics of our family change.  Now we only have 2 left for homeschooling, we should be done, in about 8 years.  My parents have been living with us for almost 7 years and our oldest daughter came back home 1 year ago.  With my youngest son turning 18 this past week, we have 7 adult children out of 9.  Our 2nd oldest is married and we have 1 grandchild.  Life is busy, but so full of joy!  I am thankful for ALL of God’s blessings!!!

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