Monday’s Motivation

This past weekend, I spent some time updating our family website.  I am now using WordPress to make it easier to update!  I also copied ALL of the posts I could find from my previous blogs and our family website.  Hopefully I did not lose much in the process.

One thing I saw is the Daily Goals I had set up a LONG time ago.  I am thinking of revitalizing them….  There was :  Monday Motivation, Tuesday’s Twists, Wacky Wednesday, Themed Thursdays, Faithful Fridays, & Weekend Warriors.  Now a lot these things were related to Digital Scrapbooking, which I am still doing.  But I am thinking of how I can incorporate this into blogging about our homeschooling!

So today is our first day of school for the 2015 / 2016 school year.  We will spend the day getting ready for school – getting our school buckets ready, storing papers etc from last year.  Going over a few new things for the year – and actually do some school.  I try to plan things to be a little lighter for the 1st few days of school, as we work back into new routines….

Monday’s Motivation:
Enjoy our School Time Today
Not be stressed if the kids are moving slower than I want
Get a good start on our year!
Finish planning History and Science
Add Affiliate link for School House Teachers

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