Army Life

In August 2003, we joined the army life once more 
as a family. Our two oldest were born at Fort Hood, 
Texas 1987 to 1990. In the summer of 1990, we got 
out of the army so that hubby could go to Bible 
College. During our Bible College he also spent time 
in the Iowa National Guard.

In 2007, we decided to get out of the army once 
again, but would get a job as full-time national 
guard. Hubby is worked for awhile as a full-time 
recruiter for the Iowa National Guard. Then he 
moved to a warehouse and is now a Federal 
Technician. Currently he is deployed but is coming 
home very soon!

When we came back from Germany, we were able to 
buy our first home – after 20 years of marriage!!! 
Military life has been good to us, but living in a 3br 
apartment with a family of 10 was a bit rough…. It 
is such a blessing to have our own home.

Here are a few memories of our Army Life in 

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